Stitch-by-Stitch: A TRC Report Sewing Circle & Reading Group

“Read the calls to action. Read the summary report. It’s about increasing your level of awareness.”

– Senator Justice Sinclair,Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


An action in solidarity with, UNsettling CANADA 150 National Day of Action by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land.
WHEN: July 1, 2017, 3:00-6:00
WHERE: Queen’s Park (North side). Look for the large Canada 150 flag embroidered over with the hashtags #Colonaialism150 and #UnsettleCanada150.
BRING: Yourselves, friends and family; picnic-y food to share; lawn chair(s) if you’re able.
Embroidery of #Colonialism150 in progress.
Stitch-by-Stitch invites participants to embroider sections of the TRC Report’s 94 Calls to Action onto Canadian flags, to read aloud from the TRC’s 388-page summary report and Arthur Manuel’s
 “Unsettling Canada: a National Wake-up Call.”
A work in progress, Stitch-by-Stitch’s unfinished status is a reminder that as a praxis of redress, reconciliation is an ongoing process that requires collective and sustained labour. Stitch-by-Stitch will be a porous event. Participants are welcome to come and go, embroider, witness, and share reflections as they wish. No experience necessary.

ABOUT Stitch-by-Stitch:

More than a destination, reconciliation is a journey that demands a collective commitment to increasing awareness. It is a national consciousness- and conscience-raising endeavour that necessitates sustained participation in varied labours of collective reckoning. It is journey that requires a myriad of practices in and through which we can bring our intellectual and creative labours to bear on the task at hand—redress.
Stitch-by-Stitch engages a labour aesthetic that brings together two necessarily care-filled and time-demanding tasks—embroidery and critical reflection. A work in progress, Stitch-byStitch’s unfinished status is critical to its meaning. It is a reminder that reconciliation—as a praxis of redress—requires ongoing, sustained labour. No experience necessary: All are welcome to come participate in reconciliation’s labours of critical reflection and action.

Previous Circles:

May 16, 11AM-2PM, New Directions,Winnipeg
May 3, 2-4PM, Artfest, Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg
March 30 & 31, Tallest Poppy, Winnipeg
March 8 & 14, 2-4PM, greenhouse artlab: 5th floor, UWinnipeg Library, Winnipeg
February 28, 5-8PM, ArtsJunktion ArtHive,  Winnipeg

The TRC Report is easily accessed, here are some places to get digital or hard copies or to hear the report read on YouTube:

4 thoughts on “Stitch-by-Stitch: A TRC Report Sewing Circle & Reading Group

    1. Hi Kristina, I have nothing planned but am available if anyone wishes to host a circle in their home, or at a cafe, park, community organization, etc. I’m in Toronto for the summer.

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