Haunting the Past’s Present: Falling for the Forgotten (and not) Dead of History is a  participatory memorial performance that will take place from dusk-till-dawn on Saturday June 29 at Stanford University, Old Union Courtyard (520 Lasuen Mall) as part of the Performance Studies International Conference 19.

Each of Haunting’s participants is asked to identify a population whose deaths are largely disavowed or marginalized by dominant discourses and processes of memorialization and to dedicate their falls to the memory of this constituency.

To share your dedication on this page, type it into the comments box below: “I fall in memory of . . .”

5 thoughts on “Dedications

  1. “I fall in memory of all immigrants that have lost thier lives crossing the USA/Mexico Border, especially those whose bodies were left behind”

  2. On behalf of Marie Larson,

    “I fall in memory of the disappeared of Argentina’s Dirty War, and by extension other disappeared victims of repressive and brutal governments.”

  3. On behalf of Mollly Rose,

    ” I fall in memory of my ancestors of European villages, thousands of women burnt at the stake ‘for their powers’. I fall in remembrance of the unnamed genocide against women, and pagan ritual, which haunts my past, my roots.”

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