A Drawing a Day—2016

On January 1, 2016 I decided to  to do a drawing a day. My intention was to give myself a daily gift of creative space and a means of engaging with what lies beneath the surface. Here is selection of my year in drawings and a list of their titles.

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Jan 1               The Goddess of Generosity and Her Eruptions of Rainbow Eggs

Jan 2               Weather Forecast: Rainbow Flurries

Jan 3               I am a Purple Cow Agog with Uncertainty

Jan 4               Infinite Possibilities

Jan 5               Chaotic Creation: Connecting the Dots Across the Spiral Rift

Jan 6              Purple Bees Curiously Buzz About the Plummeting Orbs with their Spiralling Vortexes

Jan 7               The Universe is Anxiously Balanced Atop a Teetering Cairn

Jan 8               Orbiting Puzzling Signs

Jan 9               Knobby-kneed, Headless Monster Shackled with Petty Afflictions

Jan 10             Pick-up Sticks Under Ice

Jan 11             Precarious Days, Precarious Nights

Jan 12             Haunting

Jan 13             Stormy Encounters

Jan 14             Brilliant Stark Landscape

Jan 15             Seed Eggs Afloat in the Universe

Jan 16             Where Am I?

Jan 17             Life Encounters

Jan 18             Multiplying Possibilities

Jan 19             Stormy Heart Erupts AKA Heart Fright

Jan 20             Constellations of Hearts Caress Bones

Jan 21             Yellow Earth Rising

Jan 22             Impervious Contentment

Jan 23             Eyes and Ear Turned Inward

Jan 24             The Constellation at the Lake (missed day)

Jan 25             Another in a Long Lines of Goodbye (missed day)

Jan 26             Memory Constellation

Jan 27             Weather Forecast: Gusts of Idea

Jan 28             Amoeba on a Fools Journey

Jan 29             Puzzling Artful Chaos

Jan 30             What’s the Difference Between a Constellation and the Universe?

Jan 31             Stormy Sky, Fissured Earth

Feb 1              Buffalo Spirit Roams through Cracks and Fissures

Feb 2              Swollen Heart Beats in Web of Universe

Feb 3              Deterritorialization

Feb 4              Mute Clown Caught in Vortex

Feb 5              Seeking Connection Afloat in a Universe of “I”

Feb 6              Searching

Feb 7              Improvisational Flight of Intersecting and Free Agents

Feb 8              Intersecting Trajectories and Infinite Dimensions

Feb 9              Off the Map

Feb 10            Slow Burn on the Move

Feb 11            Intersectional Meanderings through a Plaid Universe

Feb 12            Upside Down Shield or Right-side up House?

Feb 13            Two Minds AKA “To Hell with My Suffering, it’s all too Beautiful!”

Feb 14            Dream Bingo

Feb 15            Snake Journey through Dancing Universe

Feb 16            Discharge

Feb 17            In the Embrace of a Loving Universe

Feb 18            Living a Rich Life in the Crevices and Crannies

Feb 19            Flying in the Face of the Border Monsters

Feb 20            Cosmic Chaos

Feb 21            Mapping Constellations of Extraction

Feb 22            Life’s Intersecting Orbits

Feb 23            Dancing on the Beak of an Orange Owl

Feb 24            Agape in an Inter(in)animating World

Feb 25            The Creative Messy and Unfinished Labours of Release

Feb 26            Activating Seed Pods

Feb 27            Belch!

Feb 28            An Arc Looks Like a Line Up Close

Feb 29            Don’t Look Back

March 1          Dancing with Eggs in a Blizzard

March 2          Rainbow Caught in a Web-maze AKA Not in Kindergarten Any More

March 3          The Universe Dances With Gratitude

March 4          Searching For Signs Amidst Random Debris

March 5          The Collapse of a Rainbow

March 6          Volcano on my Shoulder

March 7          Time-traveling on Rhino’s Back with my Friend Rabbit

March 8          Poodle in a Wind Storm

March 9          Derive through the Land of Worry

March 10       Limbo is Not a Static State

March 11       WOMAD

March 12       Caught in an Octopus’s Garden

March 13       A Maze of Aesthetic Order

March 14       Guarding Scavenged Treasure

March 15       Centripetal Force: A Dizzying Equation

March 16       I am Caught/Free and Surrounded by Comets of Possibility

March 17       A Motherless Deer: Doe Away from the Herd

March 18       Corner Choreography

March 19       Latitudes and Longitudes of Spring

March 20       Universal Contingencies

March 21       Heartbreak—Earthquake

March 22       Gravity Unplugged

March 23       BOO!

March 24       Find the Hidden Words

March 25       One-eyed Purple People Eater

March 26       From Seed Thought to Worldview

March 27       Semaphore Communiqué

March 28       Parched

March 29       Creative Congestion

March 30       Lava Rising

March 31       Pale World/Faint Heart

April 1            Amoeba on the Move

April 2            Constelaciones

April 3            Point of Departure

April 4            Big Bad Wolf—or—Grandma?

April 5            Ruffled and Agog

April 6            Phoenix Heartbeat

April 7            Un-aesthetic Disorder AKA Judgement

April 8            tete-a-tete-a-tete-a-tete-a-tete

April 9            A Worm Agog with Spring

April 10          Full Moon in Scorpio—Oh My!

April 11          Derailed Derive

April 12          A Maze of Aesthetic Order

April 13          Flower Power

April 14          Trajectories

April 15          Love and Tears

April 16          Caught in the Gaze of a One-eyed Yellow Creature

April 17          Derive

April 18          Abstract Terrain

April 19          Big-footed, Peg-legged, One-eyed, A-mazing Heart Creature April

[missed day]

[missed day]

[missed day]

April 23         Some Angels are from Outer Space

April 24         Are All Choices Equal on the Road to Discovering Meaning?

April 25          OOZE

April 26          Mind Meld

April 27          Dragon Adrift on an Aesemic Dreamscape

April 28          Going Somewhere?

April 29          My Angel Dove

April 30          Comets Unfurled

May 1             Stormy Flight

May 2             Fragments

May 3             Centred-De-Centred

May 4             Quake

May 5             Creative Block

May 6             Not a Knot

May 7             Structure? AKA Chaos Theory

May 8             Oh My!

May 9             Worry

May 10           Not-so-jolly Green Giant

May 11           GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

May 12          Trespasser

May 13           Kinaesthetic Eruption

May 14           Flight

May 15           Mad Journey

May 16           Strange Landscape

May 17           Memory’s Palimpsest

May 18           Rupture or Rapture

May 19           A Long and Winding Road

May 20           Resting Place

May 21           Block of Universe

May 22           Creature of Flames

May 23           Amuck with Ideas

May 24           Tangled Mess

May 25           You Are My Sunshine AKA Dancing through the Tulips with My Swee, the Bluebirds of Happiness, and a Pink Dog

May 26           A Blur of Possibilities

May 27           Seeds of Possibility Meet and Kiss

May 28           Seeing Orange and Speaking in Scribbles

May 29           Cry Me a River

May 30           Making Peace

May 31           Birds Sing of Hope

June 1             Teardrop Anatomy

June 2             Bitter Tear Maze

June 3             Dentata—GRRRRRRRRR

June 4             This Way

June 5             Crossroads

June 6             Buffalo Dreams

June 7             If Not Through—Around

June 8             Buffalo’s Lament

June 9             Thing Are Not What They Seem

June 10          Kite Journeys

June 11          Arcs, Grids, Boxes

June 12          Say What? AKA Dreamscape

June 13          Pa(i)ned

June 14          Boxes and Crossroads

June 15          Tears Under Ice

June 16          Psychedelic Windows

June 17          Ambivalent Desires

June 18          All Journeys are Incomplete

June 19          Signs of Disorder

June 20          Quest

June 21          Blocks in Ice

June 22          Vortex

June 23          Movement

June 24          Askew, Askance, Awry

June 25          Crossroads through the Fog

June 26          Mapping without a Compass—Where are the Stars?

June 27          The Upheavals

June 28          Swollen Broken Heart

June 29          Caracoles

June 30          Pac Man Rampage

July 1              Switchbacks

July 2              Say What?

July 3              Wind Storm

July 4              Space Horse

July 5              Dirty Windows

July 6              Release

July 7              Frames

July 8              On a Roll

July 9              Alien Landing

July 10            Road Trip Into the Unknown

July 11            Cat Dreams

July 12            A Visit from the Pink Ghost

July 13            Coalitional Constalaciones

July 14            Acute Angels

July 15            Fractured

July 16            Who’s Who?

July 17            eXploitation

July 18            Scribble

[missed day]

[missed day]

July 21            Crossroads

[missed day]

[missed day]

[missed day]

July 25            Eruption

July 26            Incomplete

July 27            Shades of Blue: A Journey

July 28            Hints of Pink

[3 missed days]

Aug 1              FUCK!

Aug 2              Fog

Aug 3              Dark Dance

Aug 4              Searching for Compassion in the Zone of Zero

Aug 5              Trespass AKA RAGE!

Aug 6              Herding Scattered Dreams

Aug 7              Bluebird of Happiness Drops in on Ego

Aug 8              Dream Gallop

Aug 9              Humpty Dumpty

Aug 10            10 x 10

Aug 11            Loopy Times

Aug 12            Ego Maze

Aug 13            Cross(ed)?

Aug 14            Activated Enervation AKA Back Stabbing

Aug 15            Untitled AKA Drawing a Blank

Aug 16            Messenger AKA Talk to me Damn it!

Aug 17            Quizzical Red Reindeer AKA Feral Scholar

Aug 18            Floating Blocks of Possibility

Aug 19            Red Rider

Aug 20            Burst: Implosion/Explosion

Aug 21            Travel Guide

Aug 22            Christmas in the Corner

Aug 23            Self-Consumption: Feed Me!

Aug 24            Self-Portrait

Aug 25            Achy Breaky

Aug 26            Brain Chatter

Aug 27            The Minimalist

Aug 28            Mind [Gap] Chatter

Aug 29            Deterritorialized Rainbow

Aug 30            Haphazard

Aug 31            All on Board

[missed day]

Sept 2             Mapping New Topographies

Sept 3             Bird-snail

Sept 4             Snake, No Ladder

Sept 5             Boxed

Sept 6             Super Nova

Sept 7             Dark Cloud, Spectrum Living

Sept 8             Agog

Sept 9             Searching for Order in a Disordered Universe

Sept 10           Pattern Maker, Pattern Breaker

Sept 11           Heart Palimpsest

Sept 12           Mazement

Sept 13           Scribble Improv

Sept 14           Faultines

Sept 15           Dream Chase

Sept 16           Archangel Fireworks

Sept 17           Orange-pink Poodle Frolicking with Red Clouds

[missed day]

Sept 19           Perspective

Sept 20           Pierced

Sept 21           Untitled

Sept 22           Upside-down, Behind the Wheel, No Brakes

Sept 23           Teeter-Totter

Sept 24           Orbiting

Sept 25           WTF, WTF, WTF!!!

Sept 26           Dying in a Wind Storm

Sept 27           Awhirl

Sept 28           Monumental Upheavals

Sept 29           I’m Just a Little Black Rain Cloud

Sept 30           Hold Your Horses, I Think I’m Having an Adventure

Oct 1               Amoeba

Oct 2               Phhhhhhhffftttt

Oct 3               Iris Reversed

Oct 4               Back Scratch AKA Hatched

Oct 5               Off the Grid, Out of the Box

Oct 6               Hatching

[missed day]

Oct 8               Into the Bardo

Oct 9               Riding on the Horn of a Blue-eyed Monster-mobile

Oct 10             Grandma’s Hands

Oct 11             Connection Multiplies Possibilities

Oct 12             Frequencies

Oct 13             Meanderings

Oct 14             Floating Anxieties

Oct 15             Obfuscation

Oct 16             Waves and Buttons

Oct 17             Quest for Order

Oct 18             Muck

Oct 19             My Life as a Rose

Oct 20             Cautious Encounters

Oct 21             Wistful Dissolution

Oct 22             Uncertainty

Oct 23             Mind Maze

Oct 24             Duel

Oct 25             Topographies of Uncertainty

Oct 26             No Title

Oct 27             Palimpsest Choreography

Oct 28             Howl

Oct 29             Rhyme, No Reason

Oct 30             Rift

Oct 31             Boo!

Nov 1              Spirit Flight

Nov 2              Tilted

Nov 3              Snail-pod, Un-housed

Nov 4              Fall Seeds

Nov 5              Blue Dancer

Nov 6              Permutation

Nov 7              Five Squares

Nov 8              Orbiting Pieces of the Pie

Nov 9              Shattered

Nov 10            Bursts

Nov 11            Remember

Nov 12            Echoes

Nov 13            At Sea

Nov 14            (T)Etched

Nov 15            Hope?

Nov 16            Storm

Nov 17            Alive

Nov 18            It’s a New Dáy-rive

Nov 19            Heart Dérive

Nov 20            Departure

Nov 21            Buried Touchstones

Nov 22            Little Boxes

Nov 23            Dot Matrix

Nov 24            Lines—a mind map

Nov 25            Window or door?

Nov 26            Colour inside the lines—Lines outside the dots

Nov 27            Pixelated Goose

Nov 28            Disordered

Nov 29            In Motion

Nov 30            Tea ‘n’ Talk

Dec 1              Barbie made me do it!

Dec 2              Queen Blue juggles a golden egg in a green box under a pink sky

Dec 3              Whirling Poodle

Dec 4              Crosshatched dreams

Dec 5              Kinetic Balance

Dec 6              Crow and Beaver take a moment to reflect

Dec 7              Caterpillar in a lily pond

Dec 8              Hare on the go

Dec 9              Talking heads

Dec 10            Rotten egg in space

Dec 11            Bikes, bikes, bikes

Dec 12            Other wor(l)ds—Alternate vocabularies

Dec 13            Obfuscation

Dec 14            “Flocking”—Traces Revealing Traces

Dec 15            “Swarming”—Boxes and Bodies

Dec 16            Formation Echo

Dec 17            Un-pent Fox

Dec 18            A Swath of Change

Dec 19            Jaws

Dec 20            Sand on Ice

Dec 21            Working With What Is

Dec 22            Return of the Sun

Dec 23            Directionless: Timed, Untimed

Dec 24            Star-struck

[missed day]

Dec 26            Treasure Hunting

Dec 27            Blue Heart Pregnant with Love and Possibility

Dec 28            Patchwork Life

Dec 29            Storm-a-brewing

Dec 30            Duck Pond

Dec 31            Abstract Hug